When I first started entering data into a genealogy program, it was during the DOS days. Sourcing wasn’t something that could easily be done. Very slowly, I'm going through my paper files and citing sources. It might take me a long time. If you see something like "Evd #nnn", make note of the number and ask me about it when you write, as that will make it easier for me to find in an old database that I used to use to keep track of my sources.

Two family lines that will be the very last too get cited (if at all), need a word of explanation.

Ash: there was a guy named Arvil Albert Ash, now deceased, who, for many years, did a mimeographed “Annual Updates”. He corresponded with tons of cousins, asking for the information those cousins knew about their own families. Surprisingly, he got a lot of response.

I managed to snag a set of those newsletters in the early 1980s and extracted all the info to family group sheets. Good thing I did, because within a few years, being mimeographs, they’d faded to nothing. Pretty much all the Ash stuff that isn’t otherwise sourced came from Arvil’s information. And it was mostly contemporaneous interviews and correspondence. The majority of the Ash descendants, and those who married into the family, came from those "updates".

Underwood: Audra Ernestine Underwood now deceased, did a lot of Underwood research, and a lot of the non-sourced Underwood info is from her. I really liked her. When I knew her, she lived in an old Underwood family house on Broad Run, north of Ashley (Google map Ashley, Doddridge, West Virginia 26339).