West Union West Virginia pictures taken in 1979

Before leaving on my first genealogy research trip to the town where my mother was born, she drew a map and asked me to take pictures at certain spots. Considering that she did this from memory when she hadn't lived there since 1942, it's amazing how accurate it is. I've put the three pages together in one graphic to show how the three fit together. It's 899kb and you will need to scroll, but it shows how the individual pages fit together. You won't be able to print it unless you have software that will size it. However, I've sized the three pages so that you can print them out individually. Page 1, page 2, page 3.

Now that you've looked at the pages, here are the pictures taken at the various positions. The -79g or -79h in the photo names are my roll numbers for finding my original photos. Use your browser's back key after looking at each picture since I didn't make these pictures open in a new window.

Position 1a     Position 1b    Position 1c    Position 2a     Position 2b    Position 3 (West Union Sign)    Position 4    Position 5    Position 6    Position 7    Position 8    Position 9a    Position 9b    Position 10a (courthouse)    Position 10b (courthouse)   Position 10c (courthouse)    Position 10d (courthouse)    Position 10e (Roll of Honor)    Position 10f (Roll of Honor - Ash)    Position 11    Position 11a     Position 12    Position 13    Position 13a1     Position 13a2     Position 13a3     Position 14    Position 15a     Position 15b    Position 16    Position 16a     Position 16b    Position 17    Position 18    Position 19    Position 20a     Position 20b    Position 21a     Position 21b    Position 22   Position 23    Position 24    Position 25    Position 26    Position 27    Position 28    Position 29    Position 30a     Position 30b     Position 31a     Position 31b    Position 33    Position 34a    Position 34b    Position 35a     Position 35b    Position 35c    Position 36    Position 37a     Position 37b