Welcome to the photos devoted to Germany, especially Runkel and Blessenbach, the area from which our Ash-Esch ancestors came.

Blink!    The first batch of pictures are of the Runkel and Blessenbach areas of Germany. Runkel is where Adam Ash was married, and Blessenbach is where he was born. The photos were taken by the son of Eva Goeken, whose mother was an Ash descendant. At the time he took them, we didn't know that Blessenback was the more important of the two towns. Maybe someday we will have more Blessenbach pictures. Note that Runkel picture 10 shows a cemetery. Eva said that her friend Margaret told her that in Germany, the gravestones are not very old because they do not have much room. The graves are taken care of by family members, and when family is no longer living, they wait for the body to decompose, dig out the grave, and bury a new person. Runkel 1 and 11 are not bad scans, the originals are a little blurred. But I didn't want to leave them out just because they were blurred.

  • Blessenbach    1    2    3     4    Knut (no last name given), who lives in Blessenbach saw these pages and sent me three more pictures. Thank you Knut!    5    6    7
  • Runkel   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10*    11   

    * I've been advised by Knut, that picture number 10 is a cemetery in Blessenbach, not Runkel

    Eve's son also picked up a map and some brochures for Runkel. The 3rd brochure looks like a city directory. I didn't do every page.
  • Runkel Map
  • Brochure 1   A     B     C     D
  • Brochure 2   A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H
  • Brochure 3   A     B     C     D     (D translation)     E     F     G