Sarah Lewis

F, #6224, b. circa 1802
Father*Jacob Lewis (aka Jacob Lewis COFFINBERRY) b. 15 Apr 1755, d. 23 Jun 1840
Mother*Ruth Elizabeth Cooper Curtis d. b 1810
ChartsCoffinberry (maternal side) - Closs Kaffenberger
Birth*circa 1802 Sarah Lewis was born circa 1802 at Tyler Co., West Virginia. 
(Witness) Census1810August 1810 She is assumed to be one of the household of Jacob Lewis (aka Jacob Lewis COFFINBERRY) in the 1810 census, Ohio Co., West Virginia, who has pg 8 1m0-10 (John?) 1m10-16 (Jacob Jr) 1m16-25 (Aaron) 1m45+ (Jacob Sr) 2f0-10 1f10-16 (Mary, Sarah, and Nancy). 
Marriage*17 February 1820 Sarah Lewis married John Ankrom on 17 February 1820 at Tyler Co., West Virginia, Marriage book 1 page 7. 
Researcher*  Nancy Cooper, 904 Mesa Ct, Chula Vista, CA, 92010, is researching the line of Sarah Lewis: Her father was the researcher, she's DAR 734268. 
(Witness) DNA-Coffinberry  She and Jacob Lewis (aka Jacob Lewis COFFINBERRY), Jacob C Lewis, Jacob Rice Lewis, Wallace Lewis, Nancy Ankrom, Sarah Jane Lewis, Rachel Lewis, Kathryn Ann Rhinehart, George Ludwig (Lewis) Coffinberry (Immigrant 1752), Jacob Edwin Lewis, Kenneth Pearson Lewis, Catherine Jane Ferrell, Emma Adeline Pipes, Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell, Eleanor Mae Ash, George Lewis Coffinberry, Nancy Coffinberry, Jacob Wolf Coffinberry, Charles Carrol Coffinberry, Milton M Coffinberry, Clarence Milton Coffinberry and Closs Kaffenberger have autosomal DNA in common. See the attached spreadsheet to see how all these people are related via DNA.
Relationships3rd great-grandaunt of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
Great-grandaunt of Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell


John Ankrom b. 24 Apr 1796, d. a 1840
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