George Lewis Coffinberry

M, #4038, b. 10 February 1760, d. 13 August 1851
Father*George Ludwig (Lewis) Coffinberry (Immigrant 1752) b. 1728, d. Feb 1813
Mother*Maria Veronica Kimmel b. 16 Jan 1726, d. b 23 Jul 1813
ChartsCoffinberry (maternal side) - Closs Kaffenberger
Birth*10 February 1760 George Lewis Coffinberry was born on 10 February 1760 at Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., West Virginia. 
Military*1780 He was in the military in 1780 Rev War pension W6726. While residing near Martinsburg, he enlisted in the autum of 1780 and served six months as private in Captain Colbert Anderson's company, Colonels Lucas or Glenn's Virginia Regiment. He was allowed pension on his application executed Oct 25, 1832 while a resident of Springfield Township Richland County, Ohio. He died there July 13, 1851.
Pension Application of George Coffinberry (Coffinbery) W6726 Elizabeth Coffinbery VA
Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
The State of Ohio
Richland County Ss On this Twenty Sixth day of October in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and thirty-two personally appeared in Open Court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas now sitting George Coffinberry a resident of Springfield Township in the County of Richland aforesaid and State of Ohio aged seventy two years on the tenth day of February last who being first duly Sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7 1832
     That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated The names and rank of his field and company officers were as follows I first marched from Martinsburgh in Virginia under the command of Captain Culbert Anderson, Henry Whiteneck first Lieutenant and William Akins Ensign to Hillsborough in North Carolina where he joined the command of General Edward James Stevens [Edward Stevens] and he became a part of his command and attached to the Regiment of Colonel [James] Lucas or Colonel [John] Glenn, either of whose Christian names I do not recollect, Stubblefield was my Major, do not recollect of any change of officers either field or company while I remained in the service I cannot recollect the day or the month when I entered the service it was in the fall of the year but I cannot certainly recollect what year, but I was in the service at the time when General Morgan defeated General Tarlton in the Cowpen’s [Daniel Morgan, Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton, Battle of Cowpens SC, 17 Jan 1781], I left the Service, sometime in the Sping of the year following we were detained beyond a regular tour of duty on account of guarding prisoners taken at the Cowpens to Charlottsville Virginia on their way to Albemarle Barracks, I was not in any engagement I resided at Martinsburgh in Virginia Berkley County [sic: Martinsburg in Berkeley County now WV]. I was drafted into the service I marched from said Martinsburgh to said Hillsborough in North Carolina, of the regular officers I knew but little then were now with us. I knew General [Horatio] Gates personally but never served in any Corps with him he went out of active service about the time I entered [3 Dec 1780, succeeded by Gen. Nathanael Greene]. I saw General Green but never served with him. I know of no numbers of regiments or companies among us Gen. Stevens commanded two battallions only as nearly as I can now recollect
     I have no documentary Evidence of my services and I know of only one person namely James Curtis of
Ohio County of Virginia who can testify to my service, and the affidavit of the said James Curtis is herewith attached
I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state
     And thereupon the said Court under the said oath of said applicant propounded to him the following interrogatories and received the annexed
1 Where and in what year were you born?
Answer I was born in Berkly County within two miles of the said town of Martinsburgh on the tenth day of February in the year A.D. 1760
2 Have you any record of your age, and if so where is it?
A. I have my age recorded in my bible at home in said Springfield township which I copied from the registry of the same in my father’s bible
3 Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since the revolutionary war, and where do you now live
A. I was living in Berkley County in Virginia within a mile of Martinsburgh when called into service where I continued to live until the winter of 1797 or 98 when I removed to Ohio County in Virginia and resided there the most of the time on the waters of Big Wheeling Creek within four or five miles of the town of Wheeling until the fall of 1799 or 1800 when I removed to the Sciota river in the State of Ohio about seven miles below Chillicothe where I resided nearly a year and thence removed into Chillicothe and resided there until April in 1802 when I removed to Lancaster in Fairfield County Ohio where I resided until about the month of October in the year 1809 or 10. I think the former when I removed to Mansfield Ohio where I resided about five years when I removed to said Spingfield township in said County of Richland about 4½ miles from Mansfield where I resided and lived and still reside
4 How were you called into service, were you drafted, did your volunteer, or were you a substitute? and if a substitute for whom?
A. I was drafted
5 State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops where you lived such continental and militia regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service
A. There were no regular officers with us I was not connected with any continental or militia regiments I only served in the company of the aforesaid two battallions under the command of said General Stevens. I marched as before stated to Hillsborough in North Carolina where I remained at [two illegible words] about a week and thence marched to the cheraw hills on the big Pedee [sic: Pee Dee River] where we went into winter quarters While we lay there General Morgan defeated Gen. Tarlton and took him and all his forces and a number of tories [sic: see endnote] Tarlton was decoyed into the Cowpen by means of large fires that Morgan had lighted within and ambuscaded the passage in with his army and closed in upon Tarltons army the invalids were put into our charge after we had left our winter quarters and two companies to one of which I belonged were retained beyond a regular term of service to guard the invalid into quarters for which in consideration of which extra service we received discharges for two tours of duty on our homeward march the British forces were close in our rear on our arrival on the North side of the Adkin river [sic: Yadkin River, 4-5 Feb] the British made their appearance on the South bank of the river we formed on the north side and the british discharged some artillery pieces at us but we were beyond their distance and sustained no injury
6 Did you ever receive a discharge from the service
A. Yes I got my Captain’s discharge after returning home but I do not recollect what became of it I think it was taken by some officer or agent who said he was to pay my wages but I never Received any wages
7 State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief of your services as a soldier of the revolution A. Mordecai Bartley former member of Congress, William Patterson present Member of Congress elect, Richard Condon Esqr. Mr. David Trimble Joseph Welch Uriah Matson and others are my neighbors and will state my character truly together with their belief as to my service
     State of Virginia
Ohio County SS [24 Aug 1832]
Personally appeared before me John Brady a Justice of the peace in and for the county and State aforesaid James Curtis who being duly sworn makes the following affidavit. George Coffinberry and myself were drafted at Martinsburg Berkley County Va where we both resided at that time which I think was in the Autumn of the year 1780 We marched from Martinsburg under General Stevens (whose Christian name I have forgotten) Col Glenn, Capt Colbert Anderson and Henry Whiteneck Lieutenant to Hillsboroug North Carolina from thence to Mecklenburg Court House where we stayed two weeks from thence to the Cheraw Hills on the big Pedee where we remained until we were discharged We were in no engagments with the enemy during our service We never obtained a discharge until after our return home when we obtained our captains discharge for two tours of three months each We both receive our discharge at the same place and on the same day this discharge we gave to a man with whom I was unacquainted he giving us a certificate certifying that the State was endebted to us a certain sum about 10£ and telling us that he must have the discharge
     The State of Ohio
Richland County Ss Personally appeared before me the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace of the County aforesaid who being duly sworn, deposeth and saith, that by means of old age and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service, but I distinctly recollect that after the expiration of my first term of service I together with others who belonged to the same company (which company were all detained beyond the regular time) clubbed our arms [i.e. carried them on their choulders] and went to our officers and demanded our discharge our officers promised that if we would continue and guard the invalid persons in our charge into quarters we would have discharges for two tours of service each of which were tours of three months to this proposal we agreed and performed this duty and my discharge when I obtained it was for two terms of service as I distinctly recollect, I cannot [illegible word] say whether our actual service was a few days under six months or precisely for that lenth of time and for such service I claim a pension Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day of October A.D. 1833
Tarleton was not captured at the Battle of Cowpens, and other details regarding the battle are also incorrect.
     On 10 Feb 1846 George Coffinberry petitioned to have his pension transferred to Michigan, having moved to Centreville in St Joseph County. On 14 Sep 1847 he applied to have the pension transferred back to Ohio, having recently returned to Richland County because “the bulk of his property is in the State of Ohio, and he found his residence there necessary to its proper management.”
     On 12 Dec 1851 at age 82 Elizabeth Coffinbery (as she signed) stated that she married George Coffinbery on 5 Dec 1785, and that her deceased husband received his pension up to 4 March 1851. On an application for bounty land dated 15 March 1855 she signed her name “Coffinberry,” she was said to be 81, the date of marriage was said to be 5 Dec 1789, and her husband was said to have died in Aug 1853. On 15 March 1856 Elizabeth Coffinbery applied again for bounty land stating that she was 85, and her name before marriage was Elizabeth Little. The file includes what appears to be a family record, transcribed below.
     George Coffinberry and Elizabeth Little were married the 5th Day of December AD 1780
Mary Coffinberry was born September 2 AD 1787
Andrew Coffinberry was born August 20th AD 1789
Sarah Coffinberry was born June 26 AD 1791
George and Nancy Coffinberry were born May 13th[?] 1793
George Coffinberry was born March 15th AD 1795
Jacob Coffinberry was born May 25[?] at an unknown age D 1797
John Coffinberry was born September 22d AD 1799
Isaac Coffinberry Jany 28th AD 1802
Elizabeth Coffinberry was born January 26th AD 1803
Wright Lewis Coffinbery was born April 5th AD 1807
Salathiel Curtis Coffinbery was born February 26th 1809
Abraham Pitcher Coffinberry was born August 19th AD 1811
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With in my name a secret lies.
[?] I will not suffice
But I and it are not the same
1780et they compose my given name.1 
TaxList*1780 He was a taxpayer in 1780 at Berkeley Co., West Virginia: "Quit Rents in Accounty with the Right Honbl., Thos. Lord Fairfax" ... "A rental for the County of Berkeley for the year 1780" ... Coffenberry, G. Lewis as 282 acres and 2 arrears (means the tax hasn't been paid for 2 years.)2 
Marriage*5 December 1786 He married Elizabeth Kline-Little, daughter of George Kline-Little and Elizabeth Truggat, on 5 December 1786 at Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., West Virginia.1 
Occupation*1790 George Lewis Coffinberry was a lawyer elected to Legislature in VA about 1790 & while in that capacity petitioned to change name from Kaufenbaerger to Coffinberry [haven't found Legislative proof] in 1790.1 
TaxList*17 March 1797 He was a taxpayer on 17 March 1797 at Pendleton Co., West Virginia: One of the Georges is on a tax assessment book in 1797 Pendleton Co WV at WVU MS #676, March 17 with actual signature. 
Deed*1799 He bought land in 1799 at bk 4 pg 275, Ohio Co., West Virginia: George bought land on the waters of Big Wheeling Creek from James Watt et al (bk 4 pg 275, 98+ acres.) 
MovedTo1799 He moved to Ohio Co., West Virginia, in 1799.1 
DeedFebruary 1799 He sold land in February 1799 at bk 4 pgs 305 & 344, Ohio Co., West Virginia: George and Elizabeth sell land on the waters of Wheeling Creek to Basil Beall (bk 4 pg 305, 8 acres) and Moses Vanwinkle (bk 4 pg 344 86+ acres) copied deed need to recap. 
MovedTo*1805 He moved to Ross Co., Ohio, in 1805 "moved to Ross County, taking by his team, the first wagon road that passed through that which was the wilderness between Wheeling and Chillicothe."1 
MovedTo1806 He moved to Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, in 1806.1 
MovedTo1807 He moved to Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio, in 1807 "After two years he moved to Lancaster" "He published the first paper ever published in Lancaster, Ohio. It was called The Olive Branch."1 
MovedTobetween 1808 and 1809 He moved to Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio, between 1808 and 1809 "The first house built in Mansfield was built by George Coffinberry in the month of August, 1809, on the sight now occupied by The North American Hotel, at the sourwest corner of the public square. The building was a small log cabin."1 
(MentionedIn) Will26 August 1812 He was mentioned in the will of George Ludwig (Lewis) Coffinberry (Immigrant 1752) on 26 August 1812 at will bk 5 pg 59, Berkeley Co., West Virginia; I George Lewis Coffinberger of the County of Berkley & State of Virginia, being of sound & perfect mind & memory do on this 26th day of Augt 1812 make and ordain this my last will & testament in the manner & form & allowing making void all other former wills heretofore made by me to viz
     1st I give and bequeath to my wife Fanny Coffenbarger the sole use and profits of my whole estate both real and personal of whatsoever kind I may own at the time of my death during her natural life.
     2nd It is my will & desire that the proceeds of my estate real & personal after the payment of my just debts & all necessary expenses & charges shall be equally divided between my eight daughters and sons herein after named to vis. Mary Newman, Elizabeth Curtus, Nancy Seybert, Fanny Sipp, Sarah McCasland, Catherine Young, Jacob Coffenberger, & George Cofffenberger or their living children to be equally divided between them share & share alike except the part bequeathed Sarah McCaslin her equal part is to be put to interest by my executors and she is only to receive the legal interest thereof during her life & at her death it is to be equally divided between all her living children.
     3rd I hereby consititue & appoint my friends Thomas C Smith & Obed Wait the sole executors of this my last will & testament it will be understood that my executors are fully authorized to sell real estae as well as personal & convey in full authority in witness whereof I have herunto set my hand & seal the date and year above written my executor are not to give any security for the performence as executors. Signed sealed published in presence of us the subscribers
     Witnesses: Jacob Hesse, Richard Gartrel, James Riddle, Conrad Hogmire
     George L Coffenberger (seal)
(SLC film 831253.) 
Religion*1813 George Lewis Coffinberry and George Lewis Coffinberry II : 1813 St John's Lutheran Church, Martinsville, Berkeley Co., West Virginia, There are 3 "George Coffenberger" names listed, as well as William, and Susannah. Since the immigrant died in Feb 1813, the only way one could be him is if the list was made in Jan. Another could be George Jr's son since he is 18. Or it could be the son of William who's father is unknown at this time.3 
Source Source(s): His pension file 6726 has a copy of family Bible page with children's birthdates. 
Census1850*1850 George Lewis Coffinberry appeared on the 1850 census as the head of household, page 364 #335-236, Springfield Twnshp Dist #128, Richland Co., Ohio, along with Elizabeth Kline-Little . His info on the census included Coffinberry, George 90 b.VA gardener. 
Death*13 August 1851 George Lewis Coffinberry died on 13 August 1851 at Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio, at age 91.4 
Burial* He was buried at Spring Mill, Richland Co., Ohio, 91Y 6M 13D.1,4 
(Witness) DNA-Coffinberry  He and Jacob Lewis (aka Jacob Lewis COFFINBERRY), Jacob C Lewis, Jacob Rice Lewis, Wallace Lewis, Nancy Ankrom, Sarah Jane Lewis, Rachel Lewis, Kathryn Ann Rhinehart, George Ludwig (Lewis) Coffinberry (Immigrant 1752), Jacob Edwin Lewis, Kenneth Pearson Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Catherine Jane Ferrell, Emma Adeline Pipes, Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell, Eleanor Mae Ash, Nancy Coffinberry, Jacob Wolf Coffinberry, Charles Carrol Coffinberry, Milton M Coffinberry, Clarence Milton Coffinberry and Closs Kaffenberger have autosomal DNA in common. See the attached spreadsheet to see how all these people are related via DNA.
Relationships4th great-granduncle of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
2nd great-granduncle of Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell


Elizabeth Kline-Little b. c 1769, d. c 1858
Marriage*5 December 1786 George Lewis Coffinberry married Elizabeth Kline-Little, daughter of George Kline-Little and Elizabeth Truggat, on 5 December 1786 at Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., West Virginia.1 
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