Rutha(?) Thompson

F, #3824, b. 1858
Father*Joseph Thompson b. bt 1810 - 1815
Mother*Sarah Price b. bt 17 Jul 1817 - 13 Aug 1817, d. 16 Feb 1864
ChartsPrice-Downs (maternal side) - Nancy Downs
Birth*1858 Rutha(?) Thompson was born in 1858 at Gilmer Co., Georgia, born Gilmer Co assumed since parents married and lived there. 
(InHomeOf) Census18601860 She appeared on the 1860 census in the household of Joseph Thompson, pg 88 #681-594, Subdivision 33, Gilmer Co., Georgia. Her info on the census included - Thompson, Rutha 2 b.GA; Thompson, Joseph 50 b.SC farmer - no land but $75 personal property. 
RelationshipsGreat-grandaunt of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
Grandaunt of Norman Gayle Rhinehart
Aunt of Carrie Adeline Thompson
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