Bessie Naomi Goff

F, #2934, b. 30 September 1910
Father*John D Goff b. 20 Aug 1883, d. 28 Feb 1924
Mother*Anna Jane Rhinehart b. 21 Apr 1886, d. 4 Aug 1962
ChartsRhinehart (paternal side) - Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752)
Sources* Source(s): Birth date & place from Bible given to brother Fredrick D Goff by their mother Anna (Rhinehart) on his 16th Birthday 22 Sep 1933. 
Birth*30 September 1910 Bessie Naomi Goff was born on 30 September 1910 at Eaton, Delaware Co., Indiana. 
(InHomeOf) Census19301930 She appeared on the 1930 census in the household of Anna Jane Rhinehart, 609 Willard St ED 18-11 sht 20b pg 1951 #449-500, Muncie Ward 5, Delaware Co., Indiana. Her info on the census included - Goff, Bessie 19 b.IN, inspector in [novelty?] works. 
Relationships1st cousin 1 time removed of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
1st cousin of Norman Gayle Rhinehart
Niece of Alonzo Jacob 'Lonnie' Rhinehart
Last Edited16 Feb 2003