Golda Armiata Rhinehart

F, #2880, b. 28 May 1913, d. 19 October 1999
Father*William Riley 'Wid' Rhinehart b. 6 May 1880, d. 15 Jun 1936
Mother*Eunice Belle Ice b. 6 Sep 1884, d. 15 Dec 1952
ChartsRhinehart (paternal side) - Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752)
Birth*28 May 1913 Golda Armiata Rhinehart was born on 28 May 1913 at Eaton, Delaware Co., Indiana. 
Marriage*16 February 1935 She married Harold Chester Harrison on 16 February 1935 at Henry Co., Indiana. 
Death*19 October 1999 Golda Armiata Rhinehart died on 19 October 1999 at Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana, at age 86 In letter from her brother James to me, he said "We have been greatly saddened by her death, as were close, visited each other often". 
Relationships1st cousin 1 time removed of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
1st cousin of Norman Gayle Rhinehart
Niece of Alonzo Jacob 'Lonnie' Rhinehart


Harold Chester Harrison
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