Ruth Cathern Rhinehart

F, #2878, b. 3 May 1907, d. 6 October 1986
Father*William Riley 'Wid' Rhinehart b. 6 May 1880, d. 15 Jun 1936
Mother*Eunice Belle Ice b. 6 Sep 1884, d. 15 Dec 1952
ChartsRhinehart (paternal side) - Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752)
Burial* Ruth Cathern Rhinehart was buried at Union Cemetery, Eaton, Delaware Co., Indiana. 
Marriage* She married Lawrence Hahn
Marriage* Ruth Cathern Rhinehart married Emery Grimes
Birth*3 May 1907 Ruth Cathern Rhinehart was born on 3 May 1907 at Eaton, Delaware Co., Indiana. 
Death*6 October 1986 She died on 6 October 1986 at age 79. 
Relation* Relation to Kathryn or Dave 1C1R. 
Relationships1st cousin 1 time removed of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
1st cousin of Norman Gayle Rhinehart
Niece of Alonzo Jacob 'Lonnie' Rhinehart

Family 1

Emery Grimes

Family 2

Lawrence Hahn
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