Richard Harrell

M, #280, b. circa 1700, d. between 1751 and 1758
ChartsPedigree - grandfather Alonzo Jacob Rhinehart
Birth*circa 1700 He was born circa 1700 at Lancaster Co., Virginia, parents Richard & Margaret Ball not entered in this database at present. See more: "Based upon the currently available information, it is now believed that Richard Harrold of Lancaster Co., Virginia in 1668 is the progenitor of the 18th Century Harrolds/Harrels of Lancaster, Northumberland, Stafford, Prince William, Augusta, Frederick and Shenandoah Counties of Virginia. Subject to revision as more data becomes available, we reconstruct the Harrold Family as follows.
     Generation One
1. Richard Harrold b. abt. 1635 probably in England, d. bef. 1700 in either Lancaster or Northumberland
Co., Va. possibly married Miss Browne.
2. Gilbert Harrold b. abt. 1657 probably Lancaster Co., Va., d. bef. November 17, 1703 Northumberland Co., Va.
3. Walter Harrold b. abt. 1660 probably Lancaster Co., Va. d. bef. February 17, 1702/03 in Northumberland Co., Va., married Priscilla about 1682 in either Lancaster or Northumberland County. She died bef. February 17, 1702/03
4. Richard Harrel, Jr. b. abt. 1675 probably Lancaster Co., Va., d. aft. July 18, 1711 probably Lancaster Co., Va. married abt. 1698 Margaret Ball b. abt.1680, daughter of Thomas Ball of Lancaster County." Richard parents per Bill Thielbahr.1,2 
Marriage* He married Elizabeth (__________)
Deedbetween 1738 and 1740  Between 1738 and 1740 at Prince William County, Virginia: Richard Harrell of Prince William County, Virginia...1738-40
Purchases land from William Russell on Shenandoah River. Deed recorded in Orange County, Virginia.
Deed signed by Richard and his wife Elizabeth. Both made their marks. Deed states that Richard is of Prince William County, Virginia.1 
MovedTo*before 1743 Richard Harrell moved to Augusta Co., Virginia, before 1743 Richard Harrel of Augusta County, Virginia...1743
Source: The Virginia Magazine Volume 38, page 73. In a boundary dispute between Augusta and Frederick counties this statement was made. “February 10, 1743, crost the South River of the Shenandoah at the limestone rocks below Richard Harrel’s bottom after crossing the mountains and Happy Creek.”.1 
Deed*18 August 1749  On 18 August 1749 at Augusta Co., Virginia: Deed Book 2, page 271, Vol. III, page 274 - Richard Harrold to son William Harrold Planter and to son John Harrold and to son Moses Harrold and to son James Harrold and to son Aaron Harrold, Dugguley Branch on condition that the sons stay with him until they are of age. Delivered to John Harrold in March 1758.
More land transactions 1749-1751 on Genforum source page.1 
Background* He has the following backgound information available MUCH more information available from the pages posted by Ron Nota which is the result of several Harrell researchers pooling information.1 
Background He has the following backgound information available has more on Harrells in Augusta county VA to be sorted out by others, just putting here for convenience:
     Augusta County Court Records: 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkley Volumes: "March 18, 1746, Vol. I, page 26- Road ordered from Caleb Jones's mill down to county line. James McKay, Henry Harding, John Hill, Adam Cunningham, Wm. Hawkins, Zachary McKay, Joshua Jobe, James McNeal, Philip Crume, Jacob Sterrell, William Hurst, Thomas Burke, William Harrell, Thomas Grub, Jacob Harrell, Charley Cox, Charles Burke, Calib Jobe." (These tithables ordered to work on the road.)
     Land Deeds Recorded in Augusta County Court, 1749-1751, by Chalkley: "August 18, 1749, Deed Book 2, page 271, Vol. III, page 274- Richard Harrell Sr. to son Richard Harrell Jr., planter of Culpeper Cave Branch, Joining John Harrold, planter, Capt. Russell's line. Test- Leonard Burton, Judith Hurst."
     William Harrall- Pvt. of Virginia Volunteers; enlisted from Albemarl Co., VA in 1776 and served until 1781. This county adjoins Augusta Co., VA in the Shenandoah Valley area. He was born in 1757 in Albemarl Co., VA. He is believed to be a son of Jacob or William listed in the Augusta County, VA Court Records. After his discharge he moved to Union Co., S.C. In 1809 he migrated to Davis Co., Indiana. he was on the Pension Roll of 1732. He served in the battle of Yorktown.
     U.S.Census 1790; taken from Virginia Tax Records:
Shenandoah County, VA- 1783
James Harrel, 9 whites (May be a brother of Moses and son of Richard)
James Harrel, 1 white, 1 black (Believed to be a son of James Sr, brother of Moses)
Moses Harrell, 11 whites, 4 blacks (believed to be son of Richard)
     Frederick County, VA- 1782
John Harrell, 13 white (believed to be son of Richard, brother of Moses)
Jacob Harrell, 3 white
William Harrell, 11 white (believe to be son of Richard, brother of Moses.) 
Death*between 1751 and 1758 He died between 1751 and 1758.1 
Relationships6th great-grandfather of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
5th great-grandfather of Norman Gayle Rhinehart
4th great-grandfather of Alonzo Jacob 'Lonnie' Rhinehart


Elizabeth (__________)
Marriage* He married Elizabeth (__________)
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