Florence Pearl Ash

F, #2467, b. 25 August 1917
Father*Arvil Albert Ash b. 14 Oct 1893, d. 26 Apr 1967
Mother*Lavina Elizabeth Courson b. 9 Nov 1895, d. 3 Apr 1922
ChartsAsh (maternal side) - Johann Adam Esch (Immigrant 1772), (aka Adam Ash)
Birth*25 August 1917 Florence Pearl Ash was born on 25 August 1917. 
Marriage* She married William Luther Drake Jr, son of Charles Drake and Rosa Hall
Relation* Relation to Kathryn or Dave 4C1R. 
Relationships4th cousin 1 time removed of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
3rd cousin 1 time removed of Tillman E Ash


William Luther Drake Jr b. 29 Oct 1919
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