Manfred A N Coffinberry

M, #16156, b. 1849
Father*Salathiel Curtis Coffinberry b. 26 Feb 1809, d. 20 Sep 1889
Mother*Artemesia Cook b. 11 Jan 1819, d. 8 Dec 1912
ChartsCoffinberry (maternal side) - Closs Kaffenberger
Birth*1849 Manfred A N Coffinberry was born in 1849 at Michigan age 1 in 1850. 
(InHomeOf) Census18501850 He appeared on the 1850 census in the household of Salathiel Curtis Coffinberry, pg 351b #44-44, Sherman, St Joseph Co., Michigan. His info on the census included - Coffinbury, Manfred A N 1 b.MI. 
Relationships2nd cousin 4 times removed of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
2nd cousin 2 times removed of Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell
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