Jane George1

F, #15596
Father*William George1
Mother*Margaret (__________)1
Birth* Jane George was born.1 
Marriage*9 September 1821 She married William Watson on 9 September 1821 They had three children - Ann born 1822 who was a blind girl and never married, then two sons. It is to be noted that Ann did not give specific citation to Ann being blind, instead saying "I'm working from Mrs. Catherine Fedorchek's work on the George Family." Curt Mitchell has found that Ann did marry.1 


William Watson
Last Edited12 Aug 2008


  1. [S1621] "email from Kay to Kathryn," e-mail message from Kay Hain, to Kathryn Bassett, various years starting in 2000 (deceased 26 Jul 2008).