Sarah Freehafar

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Marriage*23 December 1802 Sarah Freehafar married James (#2) Kile-Coyle, son of James (#1) Kile-Coyle and Ann (__________), on 23 December 1802 at Frederick Co., Virginia, Frederick County Virginia Marriages 1771-1825 Complied & Edited by Eliza Timberlake Davis 1941 (SLC 6019214) pg 46 (spelled Freefar)
On same page is Frederick Kyle/Ann Mauck 23 Jul 1803. Related?
     Note that there are no other people named Freefar. However, there are a lot of people named Freehafer, mainly from PA, so that is the likely spelling of her name.
I wanted to get copy of the original record to do my own interpretation of the spelling of the name but rats, the marriage register is a typed one (31459) and it's spelled Freefar there. When the marriage had a bond, it stated that it was from the bond book (31456). So, no luck in determining the original writing. 
Deed*3 May 1806 Sarah Freehafar sold land to Robert Kile-Coyle on 3 May 1806 Sarah Kile, widow of James, late of Frederick Co., quit claim to Robert Kile of Hampshire Co., executor of James' estate, her right of dower including lands on the head drains of Back Creek.1 
Marriage*16 April 1808 Sarah Freehafar married Michael Housman on 16 April 1808 Marr bond #9 - 16 Apr 1808 Michael Housman & Sarah Kile widow & relic of James Kile dec'd - Bondsman Enock Marple. 
(Witness) Deed15 April 1822  On 15 April 1822 at Frederick Co., Virginia: John and Elizabeth Kile sell land. This deed mentions Sarah Houseman, former widow of James Kile, deceased.2 

Family 1

James (#2) Kile-Coyle b. 23 Jul 1749, d. 25 Apr 1806

Family 2

Michael Housman
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