William Freed

M, #14795
Father*Jacob Freed Jr
Mother*Mazy Jane Ferrell b. 1842, d. 1872
ChartsFerrell (maternal side) - Robert S Ferrell Sr (Captain)
Burial* William Freed was buried William Freed s/o Jacob Jr. and Mazie Jane Ferrell Freed
Freed Cemetery Burials, Compiled by Mrs. Ilene Wager, Submitted by Geri Smith.
*FREED Cemetery, Sheridan District, Calhoun County, West Virginia located on Leading Creek about 2 miles north of the Goodnight Cemetery and about the same distance from Freed. The cemetery is located on the east side of the road and stream.
There are a few monuments in this cemetery but most tombstones are small flat stones with initials crudely cut into them.
* This list of burials at the FREED Cemetery was published in a Calhoun Co. Genealogy Society newsletter dated 1986. It was compiled by Mrs. Ilene Wager, Box 34, Big Springs, WV, a descendant of a long line of the original settlers in this part of the county. Mrs. Wager had access to many elders and their documents & records, as well as first hand knowledge of the cemeteries. 
Birth* He was born. 
Relationships3rd cousin 3 times removed of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
3rd cousin 1 time removed of Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell
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