CANDIDATE Michael Tingler- Dingler

M, #14347
ChartsPedigree Chart - Tingler/Smith
Deed*  Negative - SLC 818724 doesn't have many early deeds, and no Michael or Henry Tinglers, and no Mary Tingler early enough. 
Lead*11 September 1753 Lead(s) to follow through on: 11 September 1753 on the sailing of the Queen of Denmark (11 Sep 1753), Johannes Dingler (another person I'm interested in) came from Dagersheim, Pflaz, Germany. The Queen of Denmark only sailed 3 times, where were others from? Is that a clue? 
Marriage* CANDIDATE Michael Tingler- Dingler married CANDIDATE (__________) Zutz? 
Event-Misc*between 1798 and 1804  Between 1798 and 1804 at Pendelton Co., West Virginia, CANDIDATE Michael Tingler- Dingler had the following misc event: was on Land Tax List for each of these years, always with the D spelling (though sometimes Dingles instead of Dingler). This is a typed list, presumably originals not available. The list does not go farther than 1804, but in any case, he sold the land in 1805. (SLC 163912 #1.) 
Deed2 July 1805 He sold land on 2 July 1805 at Pendelton Co., West Virginia: Deed book 4 pg 164-5 Michael and Mary Dingler to Paul Teeter. 80 acres on the west side of Brushy Fork of Seneca Creek, no adjoiners named. Consideration: 40 pounds VA. Signed: Michael Dingler, Mary [X] Tingler. Witnesses: none. Acknowledged in court by both, 2 July 1805. No delivery shown. (Pendleton Co WV Deedbook Records 1788-1813 by Toothman, SLC 975.491 R28t.) 
Marriage* He married CANDIDATE Mary Miller

Family 1

CANDIDATE (__________) Zutz? d. bt 1785 - 1792

Family 2

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