Christina Fremfelden[?]

F, #14122, d. before 1678
Marriage*21 January 1659 Christina Fremfelden[?] married Hans Georg Zimmer, son of Hans Zimmer and (__________) (__________), on 21 January 1659 at Blessenbach, Hessen, Germany, (more about Blessenbach), 50.411389,8.301667G, 2nd entry - Hans Georg Zimmer, son of the late Hans Zimmer, citizen of Trier & Christina, daughter of the late Johann Fremfelden[?] resident of Blessenbach, married after three proclamations, the first being 9 January
(scanned image).1 
Death*before 1678 Christina Fremfelden[?] died before 1678 at Hessen, Germany, Hans George Zimmer is called a widower in his 1678 second marriage. 


Hans Georg Zimmer
Last Edited17 Mar 2000


  1. [S1492] Marriage Record of Hans Georg Zimmer and Christina Fremfelden Evd #1492.