Paul Theodore Roine

M, #13878, b. 2 April 1906, d. 17 March 1987
Mother*Rosa M (__________)
ChartsBassett (paternal side) - William Bassett (1)(Immigrant 1621)
Birth*2 April 1906 Paul Theodore Roine was born on 2 April 1906 at Finland was born in Finland when his parents made a trip to the homeland. He was unsure if he was born in 1906 or 1908 until (in his adult years) he got a copy of his birth record from Finland. Tip: if anyone ever wants to get further info on him, it would be wise to look for his parents passport application. 
Marriage*13 December 1935 He married Loretta Cordelia Bassett, daughter of Leroy Wesley "Roy" Bassett and Ada Parthenia Jones, on 13 December 1935 at San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., California. 
Death*17 March 1987 Paul Theodore Roine died on 17 March 1987 at Los Angeles Co., California, at age 80. 


Loretta Cordelia Bassett b. 28 Nov 1916, d. 1 Nov 1997
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