Eliza (or Anna) Margretha (__________)

F, #129, d. before 18 October 1779
ChartsPedigree - grandfather Alonzo Jacob Rhinehart
Rhinehart (paternal side) - Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752)
Reference5G Grm
CAUTION* Eliza (or Anna) Margretha (__________) and Anna Catherina (__________) and Jacob Jacobi has the following CAUTIONARY INFORMATION: The parents of Eliza Margretha may possibly be Jacob and Anna Catherina Jacobi. This is based on their son Matthias (& his wife Elizabeth) being sponsors at the baptism of Eliza Margretha's first daughter. Her (potential) brother being a sponsor makes sense. 
Birth* Eliza (or Anna) Margretha (__________) was born guess circa 1732 - based on the sponsors at the baptisms of children, possibilities for her surname are Tshudy, Schmid & Jacobi, the latter of which seems most likely. 
Marriage* She married Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752), son of (__________) Reinhard, Negative marriage from IGI - Joannes Georgi Reinhard - Elisabeth Margareth Claus 30 Jun 1750 Waldmichelbach, Starkenburg, Hessen, (Germany) batch 8314021-91 source 1395536. This is not the right couple. It's from film 996664 Kirchenbuch, 1698-1881 Author: Katholische (which means Catholic) Kirche Wald Michelbach. It's extremely unlikely they would have changed from Catholic to Lutheran. 
Death*before 18 October 1779 Eliza (or Anna) Margretha (__________) died before 18 October 1779 She's probably deceased before this date because she's not in the "agreement." 
(NOTmentioned) Event-Misc18 October 1779 She was NOT mentioned in an event involving Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752) on 18 October 1779 at Buffalo Twnship, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania, so she was probably already deceased. The Agreement of George Reinhart, Senior
     Article of Agreement, Agreement Book B, pages 306 and 307.
     This Article of Agreement, made this 18th day of October in the year of our Lord 1779, between George Reinhart Senior of Township of Buffalo and County of Northumberland and State of Pennsylvania, yeoman of the one part, and his son Frederick Reinhart of the said Township, County, and State of Pennsylvania, yeoman of the other part,
     Whereas the said George Reinhart doth make over all his Right, Title, Interest, and Claim of the Tract of land whereon this said George Reinhart now lives, containing 300 acres with the usual allowance of 6pt cont. and bounded by land of Jacob Wise on the east, on the south by land of John Timpson, and on the west the land of James McCoy and whereas said tract of land is to be divided into three parts:
     To George Reinhart Junior thirty three acres of the said 300 acres. To Frederick Reinhart 133 acres. To Martin Reinhart 133 acres. Now this article of agreement witnesseth that George Reinhart Senior hath bargained and granted and delivered ... unto said Fredk Reinhart, his son, all the above tract of land in division afsd [aforesaid]. Hereditaments, appurtenances whatsoever and divided out to above names as their shares only the dwelling house, barn and meadow ground that belonged to Frederick Reinhart in this divide.
     To my son Fredk to have and to hold and the said George Reinhart and Martin Reinhard ... shall pay taxes ... on said tract from the day of date.
     Now this agreement witnesseth that in consideration of George Reinhart Senior giving up said plantation to his sons, said Frederick Reinhart is to give to his father for his maintenance as long as he shall live, 18 bushel wheat yearly, 5 bushel rye yearly, 100 weight of pork yearly, 3 flax shirts, 1 pair tow and one pair flaxcloth trousers yearly, 2 pairs new shoes, 1 pair half soles yearly, 1 pair new stockings, 1 pair fssoted [?] yearly, 1 peck salt and 4 gallons whiskey yearly, 5 bushels potatoes and 5 bushels turnips yearly, 1 cows and calf to be maintained as his own yearly, 1 colt to be maintained has his yearly, 1 pillow case and 1 sheet, 1 coat, 1 jacket with sleeves, and 1 without sleeves, 1 pair buckskin breeches, 1 hat. Likewise to repair the smith shop and set up stove in it for his father to live in. ½ garden yearly. His grain to be taken to the mill and brought home ground. 1 black silk handkerchief . Also Jacob Reinhart is to be paid when he arrive at age of 21, 100 bushel wheat. Margaret Reinhart is to be paid with 60 bushel wheat at expiration of 2 years hereof. George Reinhart Senior is to have his washing and mending of his son Frederick Reinhart.
     And to this Article of Agreement either of the parties have interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. George Reinhard Senior (Seal) Frederick Reinhart (Seal). Signed, sealed and Delivered in the presence of us Geo. Williams, Edward Tate. Northumberland County.
     Then came before me the subscribers one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas for said County Geo. Williams one of the Subscribing evidence to the written Instrument of writing and after being sworn according to law deposeth and saith that he was personally present and saw George Reinhard Senior sign seal and deliver the written instrument of writing and that he signed his name as an evidence thereto and also that he saw Edward Tate Subjecteth his name as evidence thereto. George Williams sworn and subscribe before me thereto.
April 1782
     Wm. Shaw Recorded 13 May Domini 1782.1 
Relationships5th great-grandmother of Kathryn Ann Rhinehart
4th great-grandmother of Norman Gayle Rhinehart
3rd great-grandmother of Alonzo Jacob 'Lonnie' Rhinehart


Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752) b. c 1732, d. a 18 Oct 1779
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