William Foreman

M, #11952, b. between 1780 and 1790
Father*Lewis Foreman Sr b. bt 1754 - 1756, d. a 1834
Mother*Elizabeth Fox Scott b. 1 Jun 1760
Note* Note(s): Possible 1st marr 31 Dec 1802 to Sarah Dodd Loudon Co VA. 
Birth*between 1780 and 1790 William Foreman was born between 1780 and 1790. 
Marriage*30 August 1810 He married Nancy Ann Dent, daughter of John Dent (4) and Verlinder Beall, on 30 August 1810 at Belmont Co., Ohio. 
Event-Misc*13 June 1834  On 13 June 1834 at Journal bk G pg 205, Belmont Co., Ohio, William Foreman had the following misc event: The court appoint William Foreman guardian of Lewis Formand an insane person and require said guardian to give bond with the sum of $500 & Lewis Foreman being [apprised?] accepted sd security bond file - letters ___ 23 Aug 1834. More pages in same book concerning Foreman are pages 348, 358, 390, 436, 465, 487. 
(Witness) Note22 June 1835 Note(s): on 22 June 1835 at Belmont Co., Ohio, Journal G pg 327 - Lewis Foreman by Wm Foreman his guardian vs Lewis Foreman et al: This day comes the petition by his attorney and the defendants viz John McMahon the attorney and by consent the defendants have gave to withdraw their anser: thereupon on motion of petitioner by his counsel the court order that James Shepherd, Bazsel Ridgeway and Mead Jarvis being first duly sworn do upon actual view of the premises make a first valuation of the premesis disenbed in the said petiton and that they make report under their hand such valuation to the next term of this court and this case is continued. 


Nancy Ann Dent
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