Audrea-Audrey Hare

F, #10857, b. circa 1541
Father*William Hare b. c 1511
Mother*Alice Rugge b. c 1511
ChartsPedigree - mother Sarah Gertrude "Sally" Jones
Marriage* Audrea-Audrey Hare married Thomas Hobart-Hubbard, son of Miles Hobart-Hubbard and Ellinor-Ellen Blaverhasset
Birth*circa 1541 Audrea-Audrey Hare was born circa 1541 at Norfolk Co., Norfolk, England. 
Relation* Relation to Kathryn or Dave 13G Grm. 
Relationships13th great-grandmother of David Lee Bassett
11th great-grandmother of Matthew Wilson Jones


Thomas Hobart-Hubbard b. c 1537, d. 17 Jan 1600
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