Ludemia?? (Total guess) (__________)

F, #10213, b. circa 1755
ChartsPedigree - mother Sarah Gertrude "Sally" Jones
Sources* Source(s): Born by 1755 per 1800 census. 
Birth*circa 1755 Ludemia?? (Total guess) (__________) was born circa 1755. 
Marriage*circa 1775 She married Abraham-Abram Beals (3), son of Abraham-Abram Beals Jr (2) and Bathsheba Shaw, circa 1775 at Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts??. 
Census1790*1790 Ludemia?? (Total guess) (__________) was the head of the household in the 1790 census, Otsego Twnshp, Montgomery Co., New York, with 1m0-16 5m16+ 3f - or is this Otsego County?. 
Census1800*1800 She was the head of the household in the 1800 census, Otsego Co., New York, with pg 49B:5 1m45+ 1f45+ 2m10-16 1m0-10 1f16-26 1f10-16. 
Relation* Relation to Kathryn or Dave 5G Grm. 
Relationships5th great-grandmother of David Lee Bassett
3rd great-grandmother of Matthew Wilson Jones


Abraham-Abram Beals (3) b. 10 or 20 Apr 1751
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