Gertrude Bryant

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ChartsPedigree - mother Sarah Gertrude "Sally" Jones
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Negative*  Not Witman Bryant, will of 1820 in Delaware Co will bk C pg 114. His wife is Sarah, and kids Ezra, Zacheriah, John, Polly, Sally, Sophia, and James. 
Birth* Gertrude Bryant was born at New York daughter Matilda's 1880 census says mother born NY. 
Marriage* She married Simeon Cook, son of Nathaniel Cook and Martha Scott, Nathaniel Cook, first settler of Barbourville, (in 1796), on the ***Bryant*** place. 
(Witness) History Gertrude Bryant witnessed TOMPKINS* - was formed from Walton, Feb. 28, 1806, as "Pinefield," and its name was changed March 11, 1808. It is the central town on the W. border of the co. Delaware River flows westward through near the center of the town to the W. border, where it turns S. and forms a portion of the W. boundary. The portion of the town S. of the river is composed of broken and rocky mountain masses too steep and rough for cultivation. The N. part is broken and hilly and but partially cultivated. The soil is a clay, slate, and gravelly loam. Deposit** (p.v.) is situated on Delaware River, at the mouth of Oquaga Creek, on the line of Sanford, Broom co. It was incor. April 5, 1811. It is the center of a large lumber business, and is an important trading station and wood depot upon the N.Y. & Erie R.R. It contains a seminary, printing office, sawmill, a large tannery, and 4 churches. Pop. 1249,-of which 593 are in Tompkins and 656 are in Sanford, Broome co.: the depot and R.R. buildings are in the latter town. Cannonsville, (p.v.) at the mouth of Trout Brook, on the Delaware, 7 mi. above Deposit, contains a sawmill, flouring mill, a large tannery, and 2 churches. Pop. 325. Hales Eddy, (p.o.) on the Delaware, 5 mi. below Deposit, Barbourville, (p.o.) on Cold Spring Brook, near the N. border, and Trout Creek, (p.o.) in the N.E., are hamlets. Dickinsons Station is near the S. line. The first settler was Squire Whittaker, from Wyoming, Penn., who came in 1787; John Hulse, from Neversink, (Sullivan co.) came in April, 1789, and Philip Pine and Conrad Edict in 1791.*** The first religious meetings were held at the house of John Hulse, by Rev. Hugh Compton, in 1794. at Tompkins Twnshp, Delaware Co., New York. 
Relationships3rd great-grandmother of David Lee Bassett
Great-grandmother of Matthew Wilson Jones


Simeon Cook
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