John Jones

M, #10024, b. 1797, d. 29 April 1855
ChartsPedigree - mother Sarah Gertrude "Sally" Jones
Jones (maternal side) - John Jones
Reference2G Grf
DNAnotes* R-M269 (R-BY56588) - Family Group 18 - 855471 is a great great grandson Steve Jones. 
DNArelationship*  John Jones and John H Jones (DNA 67-5) share DNA as follows: at 67 markers, there is a genetic distance of 5 between the 3rd great grandson of John H Jones (b.1806) and the 2nd great grandson of John Jones (b.1897.) 
DNArelationship*  John Jones and Asa Jones share DNA as follows. 
Birth*1797 John Jones was born in 1797 at Dutchess Co., New York or, Wales, Birth year from 1850 census, "of Dutchess Co." per Franklin's death record - son Adelbert's 1900 census says Wales. 
Census1810*1810 He was the head of the household in the 1810 census, an unknown place with There is an Oliver or Alison Jones where there is also a Simeon Cook in German Twnshp, Chenango. 22010-31010. 
Census1820*1820 He was the head of the household in the 1820 census, an unknown place with The Oliver Jones in German Twnshp, Chenango on pg 283 has 2112013211002. 
Note Note(s): There's an Adeline J Jones age 52 (born 1823) next door to son Adelbert in the 1875 census. What's her relationship? (She has 13 yr old dau Mattie) Could she be John's first dau and unmarried? 
Marriage* He married Matilda Cook, daughter of Simeon Cook and Gertrude Bryant, at Probably, Chenango Co., New York. 
Census1830*1830 John Jones was the head of the household in the 1830 census, Coventry, Chenango Co., New York, with pg 31 (Evd 1412) 1m30-40 (John) 1f20-30 (Matilda) 2f0-5 (___ & Minerva). Next door is an Asa Jones 40-50 (1780-1790). Could he be a brother? See additional notes for other possible Jones relatives.. 
Census18401840 He was the head of the household in the 1840 census, Coventry, Chenango Co., New York, with pg 257 (Evd 1413) 1m0-5 (John Franklin) 1m40-50 (John) 1f5-10 (Mary Ann) 2f10-15 (____ & Minerva) 1f30-40 (Matilda). 
Residence1847  In 1847 John Jones resided Moved to Masonville (per Matilda's 1855 census which says 8 years in this county.) 
Census18501850 He appeared on the 1850 census as the head of household, pg 206 #120-124, Masonville, Delaware Co., New York, along with Alexander Graham, Matilda Cook, Minerva Jones, Mary Ann Jones, John Franklin Jones, Adelbert Lyman Jones and Susan A Jones . His info on the census included Jones, John 53 b.NY farmer $2000. 
Will John Jones left a will; Have checked Chenango will indexes - no Jones before 1869 and no guardians before 1872. 
Death*29 April 1855 He died on 29 April 1855 at Masonville, Delaware Co., New York, Death date from tombstone which I've seen. 
Burial* He was buried at Beech Hill Rd Cemetery, Masonville, Delaware Co., New York, Beech Hill Rd Cemetery, southwest of Masonville village.
|    1          2               3               4   |.
|                               tree                |.
|                           tree                    |.
|        tree                                       |.
|        5                6                7        |.

1 - Minerva Rosetta daughter of John & Matilda Jones died Mar 9, 1849 E. 18 mths.
2 - Susan A daughter John & Matilda Jones ____ 12 May 1852.
3 - John Jones died Apr 29, 1855 aged 58 yrs A loving father and faithful husband.
4 - Matilda wife of John Jones 2nd wife of Henry Spickerman died July 3, 1886 aged 77 yrs.
We will meet again and never part dear mother.
5 - S.A.J. (footstone for Susan).
6 - J.J. (footstone for John).
7 - M.J. (footstone for Matilda). 
Note* Note(s): Additional notes for John Jones.
There's these possible Jones relatives that bear looking into.
Next door to John in 1830 Asa Jones 1m0-4 1m10-15 1m15-20 1m40-50 1f0-5 1f30-40.
Two pages from him in 1840 is Benjamin Jones 1m0-5 1m5-10 1m30-40 2f0-5 1f10-15 1f20-30.
In Coventry in 1820 are: pg 174 Joseph Jones 3m0-10 1m10-16 1m25-45 1f25-45.
pg 176 Benjamin Jones 2m10-16 1m16-18 1f0-10 2f10-16 1f16-25 1f25-45 1f45+.
In Green (Coventry carved from it in 1806) in 1820 there are:
pg 185 Asa Jones 2m45+ 1f45+.
pg 189 Asa Jones 2m10-16 1m45+ 1f10-16 1f16-26 1f45+.
In Coventry in 1810 are: Simon Jones 1m10-16 1m45+ 1f45+.
Benjamin Jones 2m0-10 2m16-26 1m26-45 1m45+ 3f0-10 1f26-45.
Joseph Jones 2m0-10 1m26-45 1f10-16 1f26-45.
Levi Jones 3m0-10 1m26-45 1f0-10 1f26-45.
In Tree Talks (West LA FHC 974.7 B2y) v.14 pg.7 there's a small history of Chenango County with blurbs on village of Coventry. Among the first settlers were a Simon Jones in 1785 and a Benjamin Jones in 1788. Benjamin Jones kept the first inn.

At the Pine Hill Rd cemetery where son Adelbert is buried there are some other Jones who may or may not connect in. These are the stones.

Frank H Jones 1864-1922 (possible parents Christopher & Augusta in 1880 census w/son Frank age 16).
Roxcy H Jones 1840-1920.
Edwin L Jones.
George H Jones died Oct 28, 1852 age 40 years & 7 mo.
Elvira A Wilder wife of George H Jones 1824-1896.
Jones - Harvey 1879-1957 Elsie Mae 1885-1963.
Jones - Price D 1887-1953 Roberta R 1895-1981.
Albert Jones 1883-1958.
Lewis R Jones 1846-1932 Alice E his wife 1852-1926.
R(or B) Arthur Jones 1882-1887.

In 1991 Steve Jones talked to a local Jones man who gave the following connections of above.
The man was Frank Henry Jones 77 Sydney Center RD 1 Box 200AA Masonville NY 13839.
His parents are Harvey (14 Jun 1879-15 Feb 1957) & Elsie Mae (Burnside) above who were married Jan 1909.
Harvey's father was Frank H Jones (Supposition: Frank of 1864-1922 was probably brother of Harvey and they were sons of another Frank).
There is also a George, brother to Harvey who served in WWI.
No idea if any of these tie in but it's worth looking into.

Relationships2nd great-grandfather of David Lee Bassett
Grandfather of Matthew Wilson Jones


Matilda Cook b. 27 Mar 1809, d. 3 Jul 1886
Marriage* He married Matilda Cook, daughter of Simeon Cook and Gertrude Bryant, at Probably, Chenango Co., New York. 
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