Kathryn Ann Rhinehart

F, #1, b. 9 July 1948
Father*Norman Gayle Rhinehart b. 19 Oct 1921, d. 20 Apr 2019
Mother*Eleanor Mae Ash b. 1 Nov 1927, d. 31 Dec 2010
ChartsRhinehart (paternal side) - Johann George Reinhard (Immigrant 1752)
Ash (maternal side) - Johann Adam Esch (Immigrant 1772), (aka Adam Ash)
Ferrell (maternal side) - Robert S Ferrell Sr (Captain)
Coffinberry (maternal side) - Closs Kaffenberger
Bassett (paternal side) - William Bassett (1)(Immigrant 1621)
Jones (maternal side) - John Jones
Birth*9 July 1948 Kathryn Ann Rhinehart was born on 9 July 1948 at Altadena, Los Angeles Co., California, Have birth certificate (Evd 18.) 
Residence*  Kathryn Ann Rhinehart resided Residence #1: Birth to age eight 3286 N Dabney St Altadena CA.
Residence #2: Age 8 to 16 - 425 E Altadena Dr Altadena CA.
Residence #3: Age 16 to May 1967 - 2850 N Marengo Altadena CA.
Residence #4: May 1967 to Jul 1976 - 127A N 4th St Alhambra CA.
Residence #5: Jul 1967 to Aug 1968 - 30 N 4th St Alhambra CA.
Residence #6: Sep 1968 to Dec 1968 1111 W James #1 Kent WA.
Residence #7: Jan 1969 to Feb 1970 - 24619 70th Ave South Kent WA.
Residence #8: Feb 1970 May 1971 __?__ Kent WA.
Residence #9: May 1971 to (?)1972 - ___ E Villa St Pasadena CA.
Residence #10: (?)1972 to (?)1973 ____ E Sacramento St Altadena CA.
Residence #11: (?)1973 to spring 1975 - 3047 N Ewing Ave Altadena CA.
Residence #12: (?)1975 to (?)1981 - 569 E Woodbury Altadena CA.
Residence #13: (?)1981 to Sep -1981- ___ E Washington Pasadena CA.
Residence #14: Sep 1981 to present 1080 N Holliston Ave Pasadena CA. 
Note* Note(s): Two previous marriages not in database. 
Marriage*19 June 1982 She married David Lee Bassett, son of Charles Harold Bassett and Sarah Gertrude 'Sally' Jones, on 19 June 1982 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California. 
(Witness) DNA-Coffinberry  Kathryn Ann Rhinehart and Jacob Lewis (aka Jacob Lewis COFFINBERRY), Jacob C Lewis, Jacob Rice Lewis, Wallace Lewis, Nancy Ankrom, Sarah Jane Lewis, Rachel Lewis, George Ludwig (Lewis) Coffinberry (Immigrant 1752), Jacob Edwin Lewis, Kenneth Pearson Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Catherine Jane Ferrell, Emma Adeline Pipes, Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell, Eleanor Mae Ash, George Lewis Coffinberry, Nancy Coffinberry, Jacob Wolf Coffinberry, Charles Carrol Coffinberry, Milton M Coffinberry, Clarence Milton Coffinberry and Closs Kaffenberger have autosomal DNA in common. See the attached spreadsheet to see how all these people are related via DNA.
Burial* Kathryn Ann Rhinehart was buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena, Los Angeles Co., California, My plot is in Serene Pastures, #254. 
RelationshipsDaughter of Norman Gayle Rhinehart
Granddaughter of Alonzo Jacob 'Lonnie' Rhinehart
Granddaughter of Carrie Adeline Thompson
Granddaughter of Tillman E Ash
Granddaughter of Estella Mae 'Peggy' Ferrell
9th cousin 2 times removed of David Lee Bassett
7th cousin 4 times removed of Mabel May Covey


David Lee Bassett b. 2 May 1945
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