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When looking at the indexes, you can get a rough idea how far back the name occurs by the symbol next to the name. a single "person" icon is either Dave or I. A double "person" icon is by our parents, and a triple "person" icon is by our grandparents.Then, the 1 is for 1st great grandparent, 2 for 2nd great grandparent, and so on through 10th great grandparents.

A "head" icon indicates a picture is attached on the person's page.

On Dave's side, I haven't finished the designations yet, but almost all through 6th great are done.

15 July 2004 - In going back over some really old research (done when I was first beginning), I discovered an error regarding the parents of Jennie Elizabeth Wamsley. I had her father as Samuel, and he was actually her uncle. As a result, the entire Dutch line starting with Catharine Groendyke is no longer ancestral. I've left them connected on the website in case the information there helps someone else.

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