Additional notes of importance for the Thompson research.

Some Thompson marriages in Gilmer Co Georgia per SLC 0219505.
George Thompson 30 Dec 1847 Maryan Butler pg 227.
Frederick Thompson 13 Mar 1853 Sarah Love pg 22.
James J Thompson 22 Sep 1859 Lidia Teague pg 160.
Monroe Thompson 9 Aug 1868 Narcissa Bright pg 256.
William Latty 24 Sep 1854 Olivet Thompson pg 63.
Women aren't indexed, didn't go thru them.

Misc notes regarding deeds I found in microfilms of Gilmer County Georgia.
film 0219478. (grantee=EE - grantor=OR - description - page).
Jthn Thompson OR - George Foster EE 308-9-2 pg 107
(Jonathan is of Rabun County and the date is 1833, sworn 1841, registered 1847).
Philip Thompson OR - Samuel Davis EE 233-24-2 pg 515
(Philip Root Thompson of Richmond Co 1838).
Salvador Thompson EE - William H Stone OR 93-7-2 pg 225
(Salvador of Walton Co 1840something).
John Thompson EE - Willis Jones OR 193-6-2 pg 185
(John of Gilmer Co 1848).
film 0219479.
Jonathan Thompson OR - Thos Morris EE 308-9 pg 70
(Jonathan of Cass Co 1859).
James Y Thompson OR - Matthew R Stonsell EE 182-9 pg 523
(James of Newton Co 1853).
no seperate EE index but skimming shows.
Isam Thompson EE - Samuel Lovingood 55-6-2 pg 74
(Isam of Gilmer 1851) (In 1900 soundex there is an Isom or Isam Thompson in
Jefferson Co born Apr 1867 ED etc=42-26-7-86. Maybe a son of above?

Thompsons in 1870 Gilmer Co Georgia.
# 93.
J W Thompson b.1845 GA ($100 real estate).
Elizabeth b.1847 NC.
Rose L b.1868 GA.
Sarah J b.1869 GA.
# 231.
Isom Thompson b.1786 SC ($150 real estate).
Elizabeth b.1789 SC.
# 208.
John Thompson b.1800 GA. 2 doors from George.
# 206.
George Thompson b.1825 GA (marr 30 Dec 1847 Mary Ann Butler SLC 219505 pg 227).
Mary Ann b.1831 NC.
Sarah P b.1849 GA.
Martha A b.1850 GA.
William b.1857 GA.
Elizabeth b.1855 GA.
Joan b.1857 GA.
Margaret b.1861 GA.
John b.1866 GA.
Lodema b.1868 GA.
Rebecca L b.Mar 1870 GA.
# 41.
John Thompson b.1818 SC. (marr 19 Aug 1855 Susan Logan SLC 219505 pg 66 v.2).
Susannah b.1834 NC.
Cinthia A b.1857 GA.
Mary E b.1861 GA.
Sarah A b.1862 GA.
Margaret C b.1865 GA.
Levada W b.1868 GA (female).
# 54.
Sally Thompson b.1811 NC (possibly nee Carter) ($100 real estate).
Martha C b.1836 NC.
Darkey b.1843 GA.
Sally b.1848 GA.
Henry Carter b.1775 NC.

Thompsons in 1870 Murray Co Georgia.
pg 504A Sarah Thompson age 36 b.GA in house of David & Amanda Taylor Age is right that she could be a married daughter of them, or she could not be related at all.
pg 513 John W Thompson age 3 b.GA in house of Stephen & Margaret Gregory (no one else in household.
pg 517A Susan Thompson age 70 b.NC in house of Samuel & Jane Grigsby who are also both age 70.

Pickens Co History has brothers Lewis and William Thompson. A study of records in courthouse show nothing to believe that they are in any way related, although Lewis (b.1820/21 NC) had kids Eliza (Elizabeth b.1840), Mary J (b.1844, Nancy A (b.1852), Caroline (b.1854), & John (b.1855) - same as Joseph & Sarah had. Of course they ARE common names. Lewis also had son Clark (b.1846). Jack Thompson of Chattanooga TN is a desc of Lewis. He says there are lots of Thompsons in Talking Rock Cemetery, but cemetery listing doesn't show any of mine. Lewis was in the Pickens Co voting record of 1896-7 age 75 diest or ward #1101 with others.

SLC 1730424 Georgia Salt Books has heads of families who supplied salt in the civil war. Gilmer County on pgs 162-3 shows the following names.
J. Price O. Price T. Price.
S. Thompson J. Thompson.
Pages 500+ shows names of wives of soldiers now in service.
Mrs M.E. Thompson Mrs Mary Thompson Mrs Peggy Thompson.
Mrs Olive Latty (she was a Thompson) Mrs Jane Price.

Thompsons in 1870 Murray Co GA census (where Nancy Downs Price moved).
pg 535 Thompson Andrew 46 Farmer 400-200 GA.
Parthenia 46 Keep House GA.
Moses J 22 Works on R.R. GA.
Halverson Michael 10 Farm Laborer GA.
pg 535 - right next door.
Thompson John 71 Farmer 500-200 SC.
Lucinda 46 Keep House SC.
William 6 At Home GA.
pg 537 1013th District
Thompson Jesse 64 SC.
Violet E 52 NC.
Lydia 22 GA.
Gilford M 19 GA.