Additional notes of importance for the Price research.
Another Price in 1870 Murray Co GA census. They are also in Murray Co in 1860
pg 532 Price William E 50 Farmer (whole family b.GA).
Alvira 50 Keeps House.
James E 18 Farm Laborer.
Mary 17 .
Angeline 16 .
Julia 14 .
Jacob 12 Farm Laborer.
Melinda 11 At home.
Alexander 10 At home.
Alice 8 At home.
Saphronia 7 At home.

Some Gilmer County Georgia marriages etc from SLC 0219505. Bond of $500 by Bartley G Pinson & J E Price 16 Feb 1839 or 1859 (can't make out). Thomas Price 4 May 1854 Nancy Rogers pg 63.

Misc notes regarding deeds I found in microfilms of Gilmer County Georgia.
film 0219478. (grantee=EE - grantor=OR - description - page).
Hawkins F Price EE - John Edwards 137-12-2 pg 114 (Hawkins of Cass Co 1847).
Hawkins F Price OR - Wm Meese EE 68-10-2 pg 139 (Hawkins of Cass Co 1847).
Hawkins F Price EE - Thomas Morris OR 308-9-2 pg 200 (Hawkins bought along with E W Morris 1839 Gilmer).
Hawkins F Price OR - Caleb W Conley EE 303&310-10-2 pg 252 (Hawkins of Cass Co 1847).
Hawkins F Price OR - Tho Wakefield EE 231-9-2 pg 270 (Hawkin of Cass Co 1847).
Hawkins F Price OR - Fennell Long EE 75-26-2 pg 288 (Hawkins of Cass Co 1847).
John E Price EE - Fennell Long OR 75-26-2 pg 152 (John shown as John A not E, of Gilmer Co 1847).
John E Price EE - Fennell Long OR 70-26-2 pg 291 (John shown as John A not E, of Gilmer Co 1847).
John E Price EE - Samuel Fariss OR 29-26-2 pg 376 (John E, not A, is attorney in fact for Farris and the land is sold to Jasper Pritchett 1848 Gilmer Co).
Edwin M Price OR - Samuel Jonas EE 308-9-2 pg 386 (Edwin of Gilmer 1847).
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Hawkins F Price OR - Watson R Coleman EE Town lot 16 pg 59 (Hawkins of Cass Co 1848).
Alexander Price OR - Isaac Mullinax EE 160-12-2 pg 464 (Alexander of Henry Co 1849).

John E and Hawkins Price are from Rabun Co GA. See Annals of Upper Georgia and Historical Collections of George for more on them. Hawkins seems to be Hawkins Ford Price, born circa 1818 in Wake county, NORTH Carolina. Since our William is from SOUTH Carolina, it's not likely they are related.

1870 Gilmer County Georgia Price entries.
# 93.
Thomas Price b.1830 NC (marr 4 May 1854 to Nancy Rogers SLC 219505 pg 63).
Nancy b.1835 NC.
Nancy E b.1858 GA.
Lucy A b.1860 GA with family is Sally Liles b.1820 SC.
Charity A b.1864 GA.
Susan E b.1869 GA. next door is J B Thompson and mother Peggy.
# 589.
Jane Price b.1794 NC.
Susan b.1817 NC. with family of G W Cornett.

SLC 1730424 Georgia Salt Books has heads of families who supplied salt in the
civil war. Gilmer County on pgs 162-3 shows the following names.
J. Price O. Price T. Price.
S. Thompson J. Thompson.
Pages 500+ shows names of wives of soldiers now in service.
Mrs M.E. Thompson Mrs Mary Thompson Mrs Peggy Thompson.
Mrs Olive Latty (she was a Thompson) Mrs Jane Price.

Book: Ancestors & Descendants of John Price Immigrant to VA 1610-11 (SLC 929.273 P931pv, Baltimore, Gateway Press, c1988) has Prices in SC & GA - may or may not connect. The book is by Vina Chandler Price PO Box 607 Hamilton AL 35570, (205) 921-3489