Wrapping Up


What a great trip! This last part covers Indiana and on home. Great visits with several Rhinehart cousins while in Indiana. Pictures in Misc Friends… include the Anderson Speedway where cousin Gary works as the advertising manager. He gave us a lot of history I never knew before, even though I attended many races in the ’80s with my cousins.

Cousin Connie and I spent 2 days visiting cemeteries, courthouses, and historical societies, so I added lots of pictures into the Genealogy section. It’s great having a quality camera so I don’t need to photocopy documents. Heekin Park is where the Rhinehart reunion was held from 1917 until 1989.

On the way home there were several sightseeing opportunities. Our campground in East St Louis was right across the river from “the Arch”. We saw the rocking chair and coincidentally there were two guys in the process of traveling the whole of Route 66. Their car made a great perspective shot of the rocking chair.

We had some fun at kitschy Uranus, and an inspirational visit to Precious Memories. Lastly, on my brother’s suggestion, we stopped in Seligman AZ ” Birthplace of Historic Route 66″ where we ate at Roadkill Cafe. There were more than a dozen styles of burgers. We didn’t go overly exotic but what we had was delicious.

Much as we loved being on the road, it was nice to get back home to catch up.



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