Indiana Cousins

My father was born in Upland, Delaware county, Indiana where Rhinehart descendants have been living since the very early 1900s. I got to see several cousins who I’ve met before but not seen in a couple dozen years. The first couple are Jane and Bud Stroud. Jane is my 3rd cousin and has been very faithful in sending me information on “hatchings” and “dispatchings” through the years.

Next up are some 2nd cousins. Actually two are 2nd cousins and the other is the wife of another. Cousin Bob wasn’t up to meeting with us. I’ll eventually put their names in the picture captions. Right now I’m trying to catch up the blog.

Tomorrow, one of the cousins in going with me to do some Rhinehart research and going to cemeteries. I probably won’t post anything more until we get home, as the rest of the trip after here is point A to point B to point C etc until we are home.

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