Washington DC

Three galleries – DCDucks, Arlington, and the VietNam Memorial Wall.

It was very enjoyable and emotional. First up was the DC Ducks tour. We and one other couple were the only ones on the tour so “Captain Bill” let us drive on the Potomac. The pictures are pretty self explanatory (for all three galleries). The tour starts out from Union Station (big and beautiful). After the tour, we ate at a restaurant in the vast lobby.

After lunch we headed over the river to Arlington. Side note, traffic in DC is the pits; worst I’ve ever encountered. I’ll take downtown LA or NYC anytime over DC. I think it’s the fact that the roads run diagonally as well as “normal”, combined with all the traffic.

I never knew that a National Cemetery had anything but the “standard” tombstones we’ve come to associate with them. Evidently, the family can pay for other styles of stones. Lots of general shots before you get to the “changing of the guard”pictures. Coincidentally, there were 4 buses of “Honor Flight” vets from Arizona there for the same changing we were at. Made the ceremony that much more special. Took tons of pics of the Changing, so if you click through them quickly, it makes it almost like a movie. After starting out on the same side as Dave, I went around to the other side, so you get “my” side, followed by “Dave’s side”.

We finished the day at the DC Mall, and the VietNam Memorial Wall. We’ve seen the 1/2 size and 3/4 size traveling versions, but this was the first time for the original real thing. Dave said he definitely felt the difference.

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