OH/WV Cousins & Memory of Mother

My cousins live in a small town just north of Marietta OH, near the WV border so the campground was ideal for visiting them. Betsy is my mother’s sister’s daughter and we were able to spend about 2 days visiting with her, her husband Connard, her daughter Karla and two of her adult children. One we only got to see for a short visit and I didn’t get a picture, but the rest are found in the “Misc Friends…” gallery.

The third day we went to two cemeteries for the purpose of scattering of Mother’s ashes.  She had wanted to be buried with her parents in West Union, but it wasn’t practical for many reasons so is primarily interred with her brother. I told her that I would take a portion of the ashes to WV the next time I was able to make it. So, first cemetery was where her parents are buried. Dave was a tremendous help in digging the grass overgrowing the tombstones so I could get good pictures, and he dug a hole between them so I could put part of the ashes there. Then we went on to the small private cemetery where our immigrant ancestors is buried. The digging was much easier there because it’s mostly mulch from the plants, but navigating a downed tree and the sumac bushes and brambles was difficult (plus it’s steep). So Dave was a big help there as well, making sure I kept my footing. I would probably have erred on the side of safety and not attempted it if I’d been alone. So thanks, Dave!


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