MO/IL/KY Genealogy and Friends

Next major stop after OK, was Lawrence county Missouri where Dave, for the first time, saw where his father was born (Aurora). He was very moved, much more than he anticipated. The county seat for Aurora is Mt Vernon where I looked (without success) for a record on another branch of Dave’s family.

A deceased friend of ours had some roots in Washington and Franklin counties in Missouri. I’d already planned to research there before Richard died, and it’s an intriguing family, so I told our friend’s sister that I’d still do it. I didn’t find all I’d hoped, but got a lot of good information to continue after getting home and analyzing it. The maps and church in Genealogy Related gallery have to do with that research.

In the Misc friends and More gallery are two long time friends (Alice & Susan) that I was happy to finally meet in person after knowing each other “virtually” for about 20 years. Susan volunteers at Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort KY, and gave us a private tour (they’re closed on Mondays). Those pictures aren’t yet uploaded during the writing of this post, so you’ll have to look for them later.

It rained (a lot) during our time in Frankfort, so we didn’t see all of the facilites, only the indoors and a quick trip outside to see the Bald Eagle. It’s still coming down heavy as we crossed the Ohio River just now into Cincinatti. We’re crawling because there have been at least 4 accidents we’s seen in the last 15 or so miles. The rain is the northern part of the hurricane south of here.

Along these states, Dave noticed that a tire on the motorhome looked unsafe, so we erred on the side of caution and tracked one down. They are Michelin tires so this was a big expense, but better safe than sorry. My car batter died as well (original 2014 battery) so we had to replace that as well.

Oh, this is as good a place as any to say “pox on Dish TV’. We spent a bunch to get it installed before we left and it’s only worked a part of the time. It was ok in CA and the “living room” tv in NV, but the bedroom tv hasn’t worked since CA except for 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. The living room works about 50% of the time.

Just passed yet another accident.  And with 20 miles left to the campground, I’m finally caught up with the blog.

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