Kingman AZ and Skywalk Grand Canyon


We stayed 2 nights in Kingman so that we could spend Sat at the western part of the Grand Canyon where we went on Skywalk. For anyone contemplating going there, be forwarned. The “address” for Skywalk is Peach Springs, but that is NOT where Skywalk is located. So, we traveled an hour up the wrong highway to Peach Springs, then had to go back to Kingman and take Stockton Hill Rd instead. However, it was a nice drive and we saw a few other things on the way as it was part of Route 66.

You are not allowed to take cameras and phones out on the Skywalk. It used to be that you could, but they had too many dropped cameras and phones cracking the glass. So, now there are lockers (free) to stash stuff in. And, of course, they will take pictures for you and charge for them. We got the digital “package. There was a paper that said “restrictions apply” but there was nothing to say what the restrictions are. So, I’m guessing that it’s for personal use since we paid for them. But to be safe, do not download any of the pictures with Skywalk in the name.

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