Aug 21-25 – Going Home

The trip home was uneventful except for one thing. About the time we were in Kingman AZ, the automatic steps into the motorhome started making a grinding noise. The steps weren’t retracting all the way, and they weren’t going out to the point of stability. Dave figured it was the motor, and at first thought we’d take care of it after getting home. When it got to the point that the stairs consistently were not retracting, he knew that we had to get it fixed before we got home, or the steps would catch on the curb when backing into the driveway.

Fortunately, this decision was made before we left Kingman, so we detoured up highway 93 to the Las Vegas area (NV this time, not NM) so we could go to Camping World. There are two in the area; the one along interstate 15 was all booked up, but the one in Henderson was able to fit us in. We got there about noon, and were out by about 3:30. Great service, Camping World! But even though we could have still driven home, we decided to detour once again and go over route 160 to stay at SaddleWest RV Park in Pahrump NV; the same place we stay when working the Baker to Vegas race.

So, we were a day later than planned, arriving back in Pasadena about 3:45pm on Thu the 14th. Sunny Boy the bird seemed happy to get back into his larger cage, though he was very well behaved in the motorhome.

All in all, it was a great trip and a great “dry run” for the 5 week trip next year. I made lots of notes of things to do or change for that trip.

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