Aug 10 thru 13

10th – We got underway at 9:30am, half hour before goal time. When we got to the exit for our campground (4:35pm), there was a Petro Truck Stop about 1/10 of a mile from campground, so we stopped there first to eat at Iron Skillet (buffet was real good)  Wouldn’t mention this except for the great veteran’s display they had. When we came out, it was pouring, so Dave had to hook up the electric and cable in the rain. Didn’t bother with water/sewer since it was just for overnight. The campground was nice and plenty of room for our long coach/trailer. We’ll stay there again.

11th – Because of last night’s rain, I took the picture of motorhome and campground sign this morning before we left. Between Kingman and Flagstaff, we had a mile or so that traffic was slowed because a car carrier had overturned in the center medium. A couple of the cars actually looked like they escaped damage, but the rest, well…

A mile or so before Twin Arrows Casino (Flagstaff), we saw an electronic billboard advising that the casino had the Moving Wall. Turned out to be much more! I took a photo of the ceremony program. The program started at 10:00am and we got there at 11:00am, so missed a lot. We arrived during the talk by the Hopi Chairman, and also heard talks by the Navajo President and  the honored guest speaker (Hiroshi Miyanmura) who is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. After visiting the memorial, we headed to the cafe to eat lunch. The hostess saw Dave’s hat and said “they are feeding the vets in the ballroom”. Great food and saved the pocketbook!

Even with the 3 hour stop at Twin arrows, and losing an hour due to the time change, we still managed to get to the campground about 7:00pm. The campground was nice enough, but we just barely fit the space. We’ll stay on the way back, but might look for another place next year when we go through the area.

12th – In Albuquerque, we transitioned from Interstate 40 to Interstate 25. Did you realize there is another Las Vegas besides the one in Nevada? There is one in New Mexico as well. It’s bigger than I thought from looking at the map when first planning our fuel stops. Today was our longest distance day (460 Miles), but even with stopping at Camping World for some shopping, we still arrived at the campground at about 7:00pm. We set up and then went for an excellent dinner at Colorado Mountain Brewery in the restored Midland Terminal Railroad Roundhouse. The campground is quite charming, but the spaces are close together. Even so, we did get a pull-through that fit us in (our motorhome is 35′ and the car carrier is 16′).

13 – We did stuff in the motorhome today, some cleaning and organizing. Also, visiting us for a lunch/afternoon visit was a long time friend who taught my Sunday School class before she moved to Colorado. No pictures from today as I forgot to get a picture of Dot.

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