2019 is a Busy Year

13 Feb 2019 – my 97 and a half year old father, Norm Rhinehart, went into hospice. He’s been ready to go for a year, asking why God didn’t call him home.

28 Feb 2019 – my husband’s sister, Barbara, broke her femur just above the knee. Knee replacement deemed best solution. Surgery went well, and therapy was also going well, then…

23 Mar 2019 – Barbara died from a heart attack.

A few weeks later, some personal things happened, but the outcome worked out well. Meanwhile, I’m starting the planning for both Barbara’s Memorial, and Dad’s Memorial, as he is at the end.

20 Apr 2019 – Dad died, but what a wonderful weekend to go. He was in Heaven in time to rejoice in the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

18 May 2019 – Barbara’s Memorial

22 Jun 2019 – Dad’s Memorial

Next, planning mode for an upcoming trip. I’d planned part of it before everything went south, but I had a lot more to do. All the detailed planning I would normally have done before a trip, didn’t get done, but I was finally ready to leave.

9 Jul 2019 – my 71st birthday celebration was at Medieval Times and then I leave the next day (this is a car trip, Dave staying home, so no motorhome).

10 July – 18 Aug 2019 – my genealogy trip, with research in IA, IL, IN, OH, and WV, and relatives in the latter three.

Late August, got a start on “catching up” – email, snailmail, and still have several clients who have been patiently waiting. September and beginning of October is seeing 3 motorhome outings – train club weekend (“fall meet”), camping group followed by military reunion, and another camping group outing.

Starting 2nd week of October, I will be in full-on mode of catching up on the clients work – I have a friend who is the registrar for a Colonial Dames chapter, and people to me to help them with their applications. So those are short term clients. Plus I have one ongoing client for whom I do research as well. I plan to be all caught up with everything before Thanksgiving, and then I can start work on our own genealogy, getting stuff into the database that I found on the trip, and in recent years.

I wanted to get this all written down in one place, so that when I’m answering emails, I can link to why it has taken so long to do so.

Eventually, I’ll write up something about my trip, and link to pictures.

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