2018 Jul 8

We are in our final month of planning and packing for our 36 day cross country trip. All the campground reservations were finished up last Dec and Jan. Though not on the calendar entries, I’ve even planned out where all of our fuel stops will be. Since the motorhome is 35 ft and the car carrier is 16 ft, knowing in advance where to get gas is important as not all gas stations can accommodate us. On the calendar to the right, you can see where we will be spending the night each night.

The general plans for meals in the coach are done so I’ve got most of the freezer items packed (we keep the coach plugged in at home), and all of the non-refrigerated “pantry items” are packed.  It’s amazing what all can be packed into small spaces when you plan in advance. The “budget” includes lunch and dinner always being “out”, so any time we eat in the coach will mean that much more money available for non-budgeted items and unexpected expenses.

The general route after going from Pasadena to Barstowis to turn east on 40, in Oklahoma City turn NE on 44 until we hit 70 in St Louis. In Ohio, we dip south for several things, then east into WV along Hiway 50, then up through the Cumberland Gap on our way to Washington DC. On the way back, we will go north to have a stop in Philadelphia, after which we’ll take 70 to the area around Muncie IN for several days, before heading home.

My hope is to blog at least every 2-3 days, but logistics may keep me from doing that. We look forward to seeing several of Dave’s fellow Vietnam Vets, and several of my (Kathryn) relatives and “online friends”.

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